ACT Policing supports National Road Safety Week

National Road Safety Week

Over the coming days, ACT Policing will draw attention to speeding on our roads with a particular focus on high speed and arterial road safety. 

ACT Policing will crack down on drivers who choose to speed anywhere in the ACT, and there will be extra attention paid to driver behaviour on roads where the speed limit is 80km/h or more. 

While there will be a national focus on regional and rural speeding during National Road Safety Week, in the bush capital drivers can easily go from city streets to country roads and back again in a relatively short drive.  

Detective Acting Superintendent Matt Craft from ACT Road Policing and Emergency Management & Planning said speeding drivers should remember police can be anywhere, at anytime. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re driving on the back roads around Tidbinbilla or Tharwa, on the  Parkways or the Monaro Highway, you are responsible for your safety, and everyone else in your car,” Detective Acting Superintendent Craft said. 

“You will see an increased police presence and increased speed detection on our metropolitan and rural roads. We will enforce speeding offences using handheld laser and mobile radar devices. 

“Don’t think casual speeding is acceptable, even going just a few k’s over the limit greatly increases your odds of being injured in a crash. 

"While National Road Safety Week wraps up on Sunday, road safety is a constant focus for police – this operation will continue into next week in addition to our regular targeting of driver behaviour on ACT roads.” 

ACT Policing would like to remind drivers to stick to the speed limit and urges everyone to take the pledge to ‘drive so others survive’ on the National Road Safety Week’s website

The pledge is: 

  • I pledge to drive as if my loved ones are on the road ahead. 

  • I will remove all distractions and never use my mobile phone while driving. 

  • I will not put other people at risk by speeding, driving while tired or under the influence of alcohol/drugs. 

  • I will protect all vulnerable road users, especially those whose job places them in harm’s way, by slowing down and giving them the space they need to be safe. 


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