Canberrans urged to stay safe in upcoming wet weather

With the forecast of heavy rainfall over the next few days, ACT Policing and the Emergency Services Agency are reminding Canberrans to stay safe.

With up to 50mm of rain predicted over the next three days, drivers are urged to drive to the conditions.

The risk of being involved in a collision increases during wet weather. Drivers should do the following to ensure their and other road users safety:

  • Slow down
  • Turn your headlights on
  • Increase the distance between the car in front and yourself
  • Only travel if you absolutely need to

Detective Acting Superintendent Donna Hofmeier said it’s also important to be aware of river crossing closures.

“Floodwater can be deeper and flow faster than it looks on the surface. Never try to cross swollen creeks or rivers and if a closure is in place – turn around and go back,” said Detective Acting Superintendent Hofmeier.

“We are also reminding the community to stay clear of drains and fast-moving waterways and never drive, ride or walk through flood water.

“We would like to avoid a repeat of a rescue earlier this year when a young woman fell into the Murrumbidgee River while trying to take images for social media.

ACT State Emergency Service Chief Officer Anthony Draheim said with the predicted rainfall, strong winds and very high soil moisture, the risk of damage from falling trees is increased over the next few days.

“The Canberra community are reminded to do what you can to prepare your home for storm and the chance of localised flash flooding,” said Chief Officer Draheim.

“Move your car under cover or away from trees, secure or put away loose items around your house, yard and balcony and remember to never drive, walk or ride through floodwater.”


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