Check your car, wallet and house before leaving home these holidays

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ACT Policing is encouraging all Canberrans to check their home, licence and vehicle registration are all in order before hitting the road for a holiday.  

Everyone is being reminded to make sure their home is secure, their car is safe to drive and their details are up to date, to avoid the pain of a break-in, the tragedy of a crash, or the expense of a fine. 

Acting Inspector Ben Willis, Officer in Charge of ACT Policing’s Vulnerable People and Proactive Policing team said it doesn’t take much to deter a criminal seeking a quick way into a property. 

“If you’re heading away for Christmas – even if it’s a day or overnight trip - take some simple security measures,” Acting Inspector Willis said.  

“Don’t let a criminal ruin your Christmas by giving them access to your home, your garage or your car.  

“Lock doors and windows, secure your car keys, don’t leave valuables in plain sight. 

“We know stolen vehicles are used by offenders as a tool to commit a range of other serious offences including burglaries and robberies.  

“You can help contribute to the safety of the whole community by ensuring your own vehicle is secure, not left running unattended, and the keys are secured when at home, work or at the gym.” 

ACT Policing’s Outsmart the Offender website has plenty of easy property crime prevention tips. 

ACT Road Policing has already increased its roadside activities, with random breath and drug testing detecting people should have chosen not to drive. 

Detective Sergeant Jonathon Turkich from ACT Road Policing said there were other concerning issues arising from recent traffic stops. 

“When we stop a driver for a roadside test, we also check their licence and registration, and already this summer we’ve discovered several road users who had let one or both of these lapse,” Detective Sergeant Turkich said. 

“People need to remember there can be serious insurance issues if they’re involved in a crash in these circumstances. Even if they’re not at fault. 

“Before you set out on any holiday trip you should be checking your car to make sure the tyres are good, the lights are working and so on. You should also double check your licence and registration are current.” 

ACT driving licences can renewed quickly and simply, often without the need for a new photo to be taken as a licence photo is now valid for 11 years. 

Licence and registration details can be checked on the Access Canberra website

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