Double demerits for June long weekend

Double Demerits

ACT Policing is urging motorists to drive safely over the June long weekend with double demerits in place in the ACT and NSW for four days over the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

The double demerit period will begin from midnight tonight (Thursday, 10 June 2021) and stay in effect until midnight Monday, 14 June 2021.

During this period all speeding, seatbelt, riding without a helmet and mobile phone offences will attract double the usual number of demerit points. All other traffic offences attract an additional demerit point.

With cold and wet conditions forecast over the long weekend, drivers are reminded to drive to the conditions and avoid any distractions. Drivers caught using their mobile phone during the double demerit period can expect to receive a $480 fine and 6 demerits.

Demerit points are recorded on your licence for a three-year period, with your licence suspended if the maximum number of demerits is reached; that is 12 points for a full licence holder and 4 points for Learner, Provisional and Probationary licence holders.

Drivers are also reminded that demerit points incurred interstate are applied by ACT authorities.

The ACT road toll for 2021 currently stands at 5.

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