Drink driver caught twice in two hours

A 24-year-old Latham man has been caught drink driving twice in one night by police on Sunday morning.   

About 4.10am on Sunday (23 October 2022) ACT Policing officers were conducting routine patrols in Belconnen when they observed a Holden Commodore utility stopped on the incorrect side of the road. 

Officers were able to approach the vehicle on foot where they observed the driver who appeared to be disorientated. 

The man was transported to Belconnen Police Station where he produced a blood alcohol reading of 0.149.  

His licence was immediately suspended, and the man was instructed to find alternative transport home before being released from custody.  

Less than 10 minutes later, officers observed that the Holden utility had been moved.  

Suspecting the 24-year-old had driven the vehicle, officers attended his residence. Soon after, they observed the man in his utility drive into his street and pull into his driveway.  

The man was asked to exit the vehicle, where officers informed him that he was driving unlicenced and was transported back to Belconnen Police Station to undergo a second breath analysis.  

His second breath analysis produced a reading of 0.130 and the man was transported to the ACT Watch House.  

The man was later granted bail and is scheduled to appear in court in November to face two drink driving charges and one charged of unlicenced driving.  

ACT Policing want to remind the community that the ACT Road Toll for 2022 currently sits at 18 deaths and impaired driving remains one of the fatal five factors involved in serious and fatal collisions.  


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