End your night right Canberra

ACT Policing is urging Canberrans to end their night right!

Police are asking everyone to consider their actions and to make good choices before, during and after a night out.

As we enter the Canberra Day long weekend, and venues get back to capacity, Territory Targeting Team officers will be patrolling licenced premises across the ACT. Their focus will be everyone’s safety - while targeting alcohol and drug related incidents and anti-social behaviour.

“Our Territory Targeting Team is proactive in their patrolling and work closely with staff at licenced premises and patrons to identify any problem areas or people. The team targets anti-social or violent behaviour that places the safety and security of others at risk, in an effort to provide a safe environment for patrons and staff. Everyone deserves to have a safe night out,” Sergeant Max Mokrij said.

“It is also important individuals recognise the need to take personal responsibility for their own behaviour, know when you have had enough to drink, and when to end the night and head home. Drink responsibly, look after your friends, and get home safely.”

Over the coming months Canberrans will see material on their social media channels promoting safe attitudes and behaviours aimed at decreasing anti-social behaviour and illegal activity.

This includes not driving intoxicated, looking out for your mates, walking away from confrontations and not taking drugs where you don’t know what dangerous materials they are made from.

Canberra remains a safe city in Australia, but ACT Policing still encourages everyone to take preventative measures to avoid becoming victims of crime.

Here are some tips and tricks to remain safe:

  • Think beyond tonight: One drug, alcohol or violence-related conviction can have a serious effect on your future.
  • If you are directed to leave a venue by security or police, you must leave the venue, and not respond with aggression.
  • Think about what you might be taking. Most illicit drugs are made in backyard labs with a range of harmful chemicals. Don’t end up in hospital because you’ve taken illicit drugs cut with cheap chemicals.
  • Keep an eye out for your mates and ensure you practice safety first behaviours such as going out with a fully charged phone and keeping a debit card on you.
  • If you are heading home, tell your friends and have them wait with you until your transport arrives.
  • And remember, road safety is everyone’s responsibility, don’t drive under the influence and stay attentive behind the wheel.

As we get back to normal, we encourage people to party safely, drink responsibly, stay in control of your behaviour, look out for your mates and end your night right!


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