'Grow house' in Fisher shut down; two men arrested

Two men will face court today (Monday, May 25) after they were arrested for using a residential house in Fisher for the hydroponic cultivation of a traffickable quantity of cannabis.

ACT Policing's Criminal Investigations Team attended the premises late on Saturday afternoon (May 23) as the men were detected moving suspicious material from the house.

The men were taken into custody and conveyed to the ACT Watch House while an overnight crime scene was established at the residence. Early yesterday morning (Sunday, May 24) an electrician was called to assist police with the shutdown of the power supply to the house, which had been extensively rewired.

Five rooms, being every room except for the laundry, bathroom and toilet, were used to cultivate cannabis. These rooms had sophisticated lighting, irrigation, climate control and exhaust systems set up to aid the cultivation and harvesting of cannabis, as well as plastic sheeting attached to all four walls, the roof and the floor.  

Three rooms contained a total of 29 cannabis plants in various stages of maturity. The fourth room, being the kitchen, had a free-standing cupboard containing five small cannabis plants and an exhaust fan and lighting. The fifth room contained drying beds and four large garbage bins filled with cannabis bud. The estimated weight of this bud is in excess of 30 kilograms.

After the household electrics were rendered safe, it took much of the day for police to dismantle the apparatus completely and seize all the material.

The two men, both aged 40 and both from Gordon, were charged with cultivating a traffickable quantity of cannabis plants pursuant to s 616(5) of the Criminal Code 2002, and trafficking a commercial quantity of a controlled drug pursuant to s603(3) of the Criminal Code 2002.  Bail will be opposed when the pair face the ACT Magistrates Court today.

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