Hoon fined after community information

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An 18-year-old Gundaroo (NSW) man holding a provisional licence has been fined $685 and received three demerit points after information was supplied to police about hooning on Horse Park Drive. 

ACT Road Policing has recently received several reports of burnouts and other dangerous driving behaviours happening in the area and in response, conducted a targeted traffic operation at the intersection of Horse Park Drive and Gundaroo Drive on Tuesday evening (8 March 2022).  

During this operation, two drivers were observed deliberately spinning the wheels of their vehicles and losing traction with the road surface in wet conditions with heavy rain falling. 

As traffic at the time was heavy, only one of the vehicles could be safely stopped by police, and the driver was issued a traffic infringement notice for having improper control of his vehicle. Enquiries into the second vehicle are continuing. 

ACT Road Policing officers are reminding road users to drive to the conditions and warn that people caught deliberately losing traction (conducting burn outs) can have their car seized and impounded for up to 90 days. 

Police encourage anyone who witnesses hooning or other dangerous behaviour on the ACT’s roads to report it. 

Officer in Charge, ACT Road Policing, Acting Inspector Ken Williams said the more details people can supply to police, the better. 

“If you see someone performing a burn out, driving aggressively, or deliberately losing control of their vehicle, get as much detail as you can and let us know about it so we can act,” Acting Inspector Williams said. 

“For infringements to be issued, the activity must be seen by either a police officer or witnesses willing to come forward. 

“Hooning is an issue that requires a whole-of-community solution. Police will respond to all the reports we receive, so it is important the community supply is with information.”   

Anyone wanting to supply video to police should take it to a police station on a memory card or USB. An officer at the station will then ensure all relevant details to go with the footage are collected at the time. 

For people who can’t get to a police station, police recommend calling Crime Stoppers ACT on 1800 333 000 to ask for an officer to collect it. Anyone doing this should ensure they have a copy they can give to the officer. 


Media enquiries 

Police Media — (02) 5126 9070, act-police-media@afp.gov.au 


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