Joint road safety roadworthiness operation was a success

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As part of this month’s traffic focus, ACT Road Policing officers accompanied by vehicle inspectors from Access Canberra’s Vehicle Safety Standards team, conducted a joint operation to inspect ACT vehicles on the weekend.  

The joint operations across two days saw both vehicle checks and alcohol and drug screening occur on the Monaro and Barton Highways.  

The Vehicle Safety Standards team inspected 319 vehicles, issued 5 defect notices and provided approximately 12 advisory warnings to drivers. Three infringement notices were also issued by the vehicle inspectors. 

ACT Policing tested more than 156 drivers for drink and drug driving, with three drivers identified with the presence of a prescribed drug. Those drivers will be summonsed to attend the ACT Magistrates Court at a later date.    

ACT Road Policing Acting Superintendent Steve Booth said that ACT Policing will continue to work closely with our regulatory partners during this month's traffic focus.  

“With a focus on roadworthiness, we want to ensure that Canberra's vehicles are safe. This means every driver should ensure their tyres are not bald, their lights and wipers work and their cracked windscreens are replaced. ”  

“We urge Canberrans to have a quick check over their vehicle for any issues. If you are unsure of how to do this, have your car looked over by your local mechanic.”  


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