More than $2.5 million in assets to be restrained

ACT Policing is seeking to secure its single biggest restraint of assets in the Supreme Court today (Thursday, September 4).

Under the Confiscation of Criminal Assets Act 2003 (COCA Act), police will seek to have cash, property and other assets restrained from people who are under investigation or have been convicted of criminal offences.

The total amount ACT Policing is seeking to have restrained through affidavits to the Court is more than $2.5 million.

For the first time, ACT Policing’s Criminal Assets Investigation Team is making civil application for the restraint of assets in relation to an ongoing investigation into a fraud matter involving four alleged offenders. Police will seek the Court’s sanction of a restraint order over two houses, five cars, three motorcycles, a boat and a trailer.

The other two matters relate to two separate drug investigations and police are seeking restraint over a house, two vehicles and a large sum of cash from one alleged offender and the forfeiture of a house from another.

If successful, the total value of the assets to be restrained is around $2.62 million.