Motorcyclist caught speeding by more than 50kmh

A 42-year-old Lyons man has been fined more than $1800 and accrued six demerit points on his licence after he was caught riding at 56km/h more than the speed limit.

About 9.10am yesterday (10 November 2022), police detected the motorbike travelling at 136km/h on Adelaide Avenue, where the speed limit is 80km/h.

Officer in Charge, ACT Road Policing, Acting Inspector Ken Williams said this instance was particularly concerning. 

“We regularly highlight the additional dangers faced by vulnerable road users,” said Acting Inspector Williams. 

“As a motorbike rider myself, I am particularly dismayed that this rider chose to put himself at a very high level of injury or worse by riding at such an excessive speed, on a major road during morning peak time.”

“This rider should count himself very lucky that he is only lighter in the wallet, with points on his licence, and not in hospital.”

The rider was issued with an infringement notice for $1841 and six demerit points for exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h. 

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