Phone imagery leads to blackmail charge

ACT Policing will summons a 22-year-old Fadden man to Court next month on blackmail charges after it was alleged he threatened to disseminate explicit images of a woman unless he received sexual favours.

The 18-year-old victim uploaded images of herself to a private online dating site and allowed the alleged offender to view them.

After viewing the images, the alleged offender then contacted the victim and made threats of blackmail.

The victim contacted police. A search warrant was executed on the alleged offender’s residence and car. He was arrested, charged and will appear in Court next month.

ACT Policing’s Acting Superintendent (South District) Jo Cameron said that people must be careful about disseminating explicit images and personal details about themselves online because it makes them highly vulnerable to exploitation.

“Unfortunately, there are manipulative people in our community who will leverage tools such as online dating sites for their own base needs. People need to be well aware that the identities and intentions of others who post to these sites may be questionable,” A/Supt Cameron said.

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