Police focus on underage drinkers this holiday season

ACT Policing will be focusing on underage drinking this holiday season in the hope to reduce the number of juveniles requiring protective custody or hospitalisation.

Station Sergeant Daryl Neit from ACT Policing’s Crime Reduction said underage drinking continued to be a key priority for ACT Policing.

“As well as the obvious health risks associated with underage drinking, alcohol consumption can seriously increase young people’s risk of becoming a victim of alcohol related crime or injury,” Station Sergeant Neit said.

Dr David Caldicott, Senior Emergency Department doctor says, “more people will be hurt by alcohol over this festive season in Australia than by all other drugs put together, and this will place an extra burden on emergency departments all over the country.

“Young people are particularly vulnerable to the excesses of alcohol, and are often the least well equipped to deal with the consequences. ACT Health are encouraging young people to take care these holidays to prevent an unexpected attendance at the Emergency Department,” Dr Caldicott said

“We encourage young people to enjoy the festivities over the summer holidays, but don’t be pressured into drinking or engaging in behaviour that could place you at risk,” said Station Sergeant Neit.

“Parents are also encouraged to proactively engage and talk with their children about the dangers associated with underage drinking and any plans they have for the night,” he said.

“Know who they are with, how they plan to get to and from an event, and a way of contacting them. We want the Canberra community to have a safe and enjoyable summer holiday, one that is not marred by a trip to hospital or the watch house to collect a child.”

ACT Policing will also be focusing on people and businesses that supply alcohol to an underage person. Fines apply for this offence.

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