Police target anti-social driving in October

ACT Policing is targeting anti-social driving during October and urges the public to report incidents of burnouts, street racing, excessive speeding, tailgating, road rage and illegal trailbike riding.

Traffic Operations Superintendent Ben Cartwright said while anti-social driving encompasses a wide range of traffic offences, most people would know anti-social driving when they see it.

“Everyone has seen that driver – the kind of driver that’s reckless and menacing on the road. This could include a driver that’s weaving through traffic aggressively, over-taking too closely or deliberately slowing down in front of a car they’ve just over-taken. It also includes burnouts, street racing, excessive speeding over 45km/h, tailgating, road rage and illegal trailbike riding.”

“When you see that driver, we want you to report it to police with as much detail as possible,” Superintendent Cartwright said.

“While police have a strong presence on our roads, we can’t be everywhere. We need the community to be ours eyes and ears. When you see some driving recklessly or hear someone doing burnouts, report it to ACT Policing on 131-444.”

ACT Policing warned drivers that anti-social driving offences could result in heavy fines, demerit points, licence suspension, a summons to face court or seizure of the vehicle for up to 90 days.  

“Drivers should think seriously about what losing their licence or having their car seized would mean for their social life, their work and their family. Showing off to your mates won't be worth it when you're without a licence or a car for the next three months,” Superintendent Cartwright said.

ACT Policing’s previous month’s traffic targeting saw 146 drivers for Driver Distraction offences during September 2015.

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