Speeding driver caught in wet conditions

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A 36-year-old Harrison man has been caught travelling 35km/h over the posted speed limit in poor weather conditions yesterday. 

About 4.30pm yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, 11 June 2024) officers from ACT Road Policing were conducting speed enforcement activities on Horse Park Drive, Throsby when they detected a Honda Jazz sedan travelling at 115km/h in an 80km/h zone – on the very wet road. 

A traffic stop was conducted and a 36-year-old full licence holder was identified as the driver. 

The man was issued with a Traffic Infringement Notice (TIN) for exceeding the speed limit by between 30km/h and 45km/h, which attracts a penalty of $700 and four demerit points. 

Officer in Charge of Road Policing, Acting Inspector Travis Mills, urged motorists to drive to the conditions, and slow down. 

“Posted speed limits are the maximum speed a driver should reach in good conditions. If conditions are hazardous, which includes wet weather, drivers should reduce their speed accordingly,” Acting Inspector Mills said. 

“The risk of being involved in a collision increases during wet weather, even for experienced drivers who know their route well, so to see someone reaching this speed in wet conditions is very concerning and disappointing. 

“Speeding is unacceptable and reckless at any time, let alone combining speed with poor weather conditions. 

“Please consider the considerable risk you are putting both yourself and other road users at when you make the decision to speed - everyone has the right to get home safely.” 



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