Still too many drivers using their mobiles

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ACT Policing has issued infringement notices to more than 40 drivers illegally using their mobile phones on Canberra’s roads during July 2022.

This dangerous driving behaviour was the ACT Policing Traffic Focus for the month, ahead of the ACT Government rolling out mobile phone use detection camera technology.

Police operations yielded mixed results with most of the offending drivers detected by ACT Road Policing officers during routine patrol activities.

On a more positive note, targeted operations during peak hours in high-traffic areas detected only a handful of motorists illegally on their mobiles.

Disturbingly, several drivers were committing other offences while using their phones.

One such driver was observed behind the wheel of a van leaving a busy heavy-vehicle fuel station, on his mobile and not wearing a seatbelt.

Another, a provisional licence holder, was detected on Northbourne Avenue in Canberra City, holding her phone in one hand while driving a car with no P plates displayed.

A third was a learner’s permit holder detected driving unaccompanied on Hindmarsh Drive with no L plates displayed while using her hand-held phone.

Officer in Charge, ACT Road Policing, Detective Acting Inspector Paul Hutcheson said while the overall news was good, the cross-section of the community represented by drivers caught suggested it was still a widespread problem.

“Other than these people doing something dangerous while driving, there are very few commonalities between them,” Detective Acting Inspector Hutcheson said.

“It’s been shown time and again, that regardless of your age or experience behind the wheel, driving while using a mobile phone in your hand is dangerous, it’s distracting, and it massively increases your chances of being involved in a collision.

“We’ve detected from L-Platers to people who’ve had decades of driving experience this month.

“Some of them were using their phone for activities other than making calls, including checking addresses or messages, behaviour which is more dangerous, so it carries a larger fine, and more demerit points. In short, put the phone down while driving, and pull over if you need to use it.”

In August, ACT Policing’s traffic focus will be on the Territory’s many reduced speed areas, including town centres, school zones and road works.

ACT Policing’s monthly traffic focuses are a key component of the Road Safety Calendar campaign under the ACT Road Safety Strategy, which prioritises a Vision Zero approach to road safety.

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