Warning issued over counterfeit $100 notes

ACT Policing has issued a warning to the Canberra business community about the emergence of counterfeit $100 notes, urging anyone who knows of these notes or who has taken possession of one to contact Police Operations.

The fraudulent notes were passed off at four Canberra businesses today – a coffee shop, a DVD/video store and a fishing tackle shop in Phillip – and a convenience store in the city.

Police are looking for two persons of interest, both men of Middle Eastern appearance, aged in their early to mid-20s. Both men were wearing track pants and white shoes. One was wearing a red, hooded jumper and the other a dark, hooded jumper.

On all three occasions, the men made a purchase of $20 or less and paid with the counterfeit $100 note.

The fakes are described as being of good quality and easily mistaken for legal tender. However, one of the conspicuous features of the fake note is a sticker, which is used to replicate the clear panel found on an authentic $100 note. The fake notes are also easily torn.

Police would urge Canberra businesses to be vigilant and double-check the authenticity of any $100 notes which are provided for purchases. If you suspect you have been handed a fake note, contact Police Operations immediately on 131-444.

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