Crime types

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Is the unlawful killing, attempted unlawful killing or conspiracy to kill another person. This includes murder, attempted murder and manslaughter causing death.


Any act (excluding attempted murder and those resulting in death) which are intended to cause non-fatal injury or harm to another person and where there is no sexual or acquisitive element.


The unlawful taking of property, with intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property, from the immediate possession, control, custody or care of a person, accompanied by the use, and/or threatened use, or immediate force of violence.


The unlawful entry of a structure with the intent to commit an offence, where the entry is either forced or unforced. A structure is defined as a building that is contained by walls and can be secured in some form. This includes (but is not limited to) a dwelling (e.g. a house, flat, caravan), office, bank, shop, factory, school or church.

Motor vehicle theft

The taking of another person’s motor vehicle illegally without permission, with the intent of temporarily or permanently depriving the owner/possessor of the use of the motor vehicle. This includes the theft of a motor vehicle, illegal use of a motor vehicle.

Traffic Infringement Notices

Traffic Infringement Notices are issued for traffic related offences such as driving over the speed limit, not wearing a seat belt and driving while using a hand held mobile phone.


The unlawful taking or obtaining of money, goods, services (other than from motor vehicles) or non-motorised vehicles, without the use of force, threat of force or violence, coercion or deception, with the intent to permanently deprive the owner/possessor of the use of the money or goods. Additionally, the taking of another person’s motor vehicle parts or its contents illegally, whether or not this also involves the taking of the motor vehicle.

Sexual assault

Physical contact, or intent of contact, of a sexual nature directed toward another person where that person does not give consent, gives consent as a result of intimidation or deception, or consent is proscribed (i.e. the person is legally deemed incapable of giving consent because of age, temporary/permanent (mental) incapacity or there is a familial relationship.

Other offences against a person

Acts intended to threaten or harass, or acts that unlawfully deprive another person of their freedom of movement, that are against that person’s will or against the will of any parent, guardian or other person having lawful custody or care of that person. This includes abduction and kidnapping, deprivation of liberty/false imprisonment, and harassment and threatening behaviour.

Property Damage

The wilful and unlawful destruction, damage or defacement of property excluding pollution. This includes property damage by fire or explosion, graffiti or other method.

Other Offences

All other offences including but not limited to, deception and related offences, environmental offences, weapons offences, drug offences, public order offences and driving offences.

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