Canberra community outs anti-social drivers

ACT Policing has been inundated with reports of dangerous drivers during a month of targeting anti-social drivers in October.

“At the beginning of the month we put the call out to the public to dob in anti-social driving, which includes burnouts, street racing, excessive speeding, tailgating, road rage and illegal trailbike riding,” Road Safety Operations Acting Sergeant Clint Gordon said.

“The response from the public was fantastic with over 100 traffic complaints and over 200 information reports about traffic issues submitted through police and Crime Stoppers during October. This just goes to show that the Canberra community won’t put up with anti-social, reckless and dangerous driving on our roads.”

“While some of these reports included more details than others, the information we’ve received from the public has helped us build a better picture of hot spots for this sort of driving behavior. In some instances, a report from the public has led police to identify the offender.”

About midday on 12 October, police received a report of a dangerous driver from a member of the public. The report indicated that a silver Lexus had been crossing solid white lines and overtaking other vehicles dangerously on Captain Cook Crescent, Griffith. Police investigated the allegations and identified the driver. The 18-year-old Theodore man was issued with three infringement notices for overtaking when unsafe, overtaking to the left of another vehicle and crossing a solid line, with a total of $708 and four demerit points in fines.

ACT Policing caught 29 drivers for anti-social driving offences during October. This included five drivers caught for burnouts, six for tailgating, seven for negligent driving and four summonsed for negligent driving.

ACT Policing will now focus on targeting impaired driving during November, December and January.

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