1000 vehicles detected speeding in school zones this year

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ACT Policing is disappointed in driver behaviour within school zones following too many drivers caught speeding in school zones this year. 

In recent weeks, multiple drivers have come to police attention for speeding in school zones. Police have also received a number of complaints from concerned members of school communities who have noticed a rise in poor driver behaviour. 

Within the first five weeks of the school term this year, 52 drivers had been detected by police for speeding in school zones, with 40 of those issued with traffic infringement notices, and 12 issued with cautions. 

In addition to this, in the same timeframe, 961 drivers had been detected speeding by ACT Government mobile speed vans.  

Officer in Charge of Road Policing, Acting Inspector Mark Richardson, expressed his disappointment in these figures. 

“To have 1000 drivers detected speeding in school zones in such a short period of time is incredibly concerning,” said Acting Inspector Richardson.

“It is important to remember that children, especially young primary school children, are some of our most vulnerable road users. Parents and their children can be using these school zones throughout the day, not just in the morning but for afternoon pick up as well. Young children may also be less aware of the dangers that crossing the road can pose.  

“We are imploring to Canberra drivers to slow down, the 40km/h speed limit is in place for good reason, as it gives motorists extra time to stop in an unexpected situation. 

“If everyone abides by the road rules and takes a few extra seconds when driving through school zones, children will arrive and leave school safely. 

“We are asking all drivers to consider the tragic consequences that can occur if while speeding, you hit a child with your vehicle. No doubt some of the 1000 drivers caught speeding would have children of their own at school and would expect other drivers to proceed safely through those school zones.” 

This week, members from ACT Road Policing will be out across the ACT, conducting speed enforcement activity at multiple schools.  

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