150 drivers caught ignoring traffic lights/signs

ACT Policing caught 156 drivers disobeying traffic controls during April.

Traffic control offences include motorists disobeying red/yellow lights and arrows, not stopping or giving way at intersections and not using a roundabout correctly. During April, ACT Policing issued 100 Traffic Infringement Notices and 56 Cautions for these types of offences.

Officer in Charge Traffic Operations Station Sergeant Susan Ball was disappointed those motorists chose to risk their safety and the safety of others. 

“Half of all collisions in the ACT occur at intersections. Drivers who don’t obey traffic lights and signs end up in serious injuries or fatal collisions,” Station Sergeant Ball said.

The most common traffic control offence in April was not stopping at a stop sign, followed by running red and yellow lights.

“Traffic lights only have red, orange and green – there is no grey area. Stop signs mean stop, not roll. Traffic lights and signs are not optional, they are not negotiable and they apply to everyone.”

Road Safety Operations Team Sergeant said ACT Policing is now focused on targeting impaired driving during May.

“Alcohol and drug impaired drivers pose the highest risk on our roads – that’s why we’re targeting impaired drivers during May,” Sergeant Booth said.

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