Assault rates, property damage down across the ACT

ACT Policing has seen a decline in the number of assaults in the ACT, along with an 11 percent decline in offences across the ACT, according to data released from the first quarterly crime statistics report for 2014.

The data, released today on the ACT Policing CrimeStatistics webpage, compares offences reported from January to March 2014 to offences reported the same period last year (January to March 2013) and allows Canberrans to see crime data in their area.

When comparing the current quarter to the same reporting period in 2013, the police data reveals assaults are at their lowest rate with 20 per cent fewer cases reported. Sexual assaults showed the most significant decrease (down 43 per cent) and are also at their lowest rate in 12 months.

Property damage continues to trend downwards in the ACT, with a 26.5 per cent reduction in cases this quarter compared to the January to March quarter in 2013. Theft (down 13 per cent), and motor vehicle theft (down 3 per cent) also showed small decreases this quarter.

Every ACT region experienced a decline in reported offences with the exception of Woden (up 1 per cent). Weston Creek again led the way with a 27.3 per cent decrease when compared with the same quarter in 2013. This was followed by Canberra’s inner south (down 20 per cent), Belconnen (down 13 per cent) and Gungahlin (down 2 per cent).

The quarterly results are consistent with a seven per cent decrease in overall offences when comparing the past 12 months with the same 12 month period in 2012-13. The decline over the past year continues a five-year downward trend in reported crimes and offences in the ACT.

ACT Policing Intelligence and Crime Reduction Superintendent Cath Grassick was pleased to see crime statistics reflecting the positive results of ACT Policing’s intelligence-led model and effective initiatives such as the Regional Targeting Team and the Property Crime Reduction Strategy, which is a joint ACT Policing and ACT Government initiative.

“While we can see some positive results, it is vital that this crime-fighting partnership between police and the community continues. It is encouraging that property crime is trending down over the longer term, together with other offences like assault and sexual assault,” Superintendent Grassick said.

“ACT Policing is concerned at the increases of robbery (up 22 per cent) and we urge the community to remain security conscious and vigilant in securing their belongings.

“As police, we continually aim to improve our service, and we need the public to continue engaging with us and assist us to improve our outcomes by reporting crime to Police Operations on 131-444, or via the Crime Stoppers website.”

We encourage the community to visit ACT Policing’s Crime Statistics webpage to view the full overview of crime in their area.

Crime statistics by suburb

Weston Creek Down 27 per cent
Inner South Down 20 per cent
Inner North Down 17 per cent
Belconnen Down 13 per cent
Tuggeranong Down 11 per cent
Gungahlin Down 2 per cent
Woden Up 1 per cent

Crime statistics by crime type *

Sexual assault Down 43 per cent
Property damage Down 27 per cent
Robbery Up 22 per cent
Assault Down 20 per cent
Theft (excluding MV) Down 13 per cent
Burglary Up 3 per cent
Motor vehicle (MV) theft Down per cent
Total Down 11 per cent

*Compared with data from the first quarter in 2013, excludes Traffic Infringement Notices and cautions, road collisions and road fatalities.

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