Cyclists and other road users reminded to share the roads

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Yesterday, ACT Policing joined forces with Pedal Power and Lonsdale Street Cyclery to remind all road users about cyclist safety on ACT Roads.

Detective Superintendent Matt Craft said officers are constantly looking out for drivers putting cyclists at risk and cyclists who take chances with their own safety.  

“We all have a responsibility to share the road. The ACT is an active transport city whether that’s using a bike, e-scooter, light rail or buses, we can all do better at looking out for one another,” Detective Superintendent Craft said. 

Pedal Power executive director Simon Copland said everyone has a right to safe travel. 

“Cyclists do not have the same physical protection that those passing us in cars, trucks, and buses have, making us extremely vulnerable road users. We can, however, all do better to ensure everyone’s safety on our roads,” Mr Copland said.  

There are a few things everyone can do when sharing the road.  

Cyclists should  

  • Obey the road rules, such as stopping at all red traffic lights, and wear a bicycle helmet. 

  • Be visible. Wear brightly coloured clothing and use lights when cycling at night.  

  • Ride predictably and indicate to motorists before changing direction or turning.  

  • When riding two-abreast on a single lane road, cyclists must not ride more than 1.5m away from the other rider.   

  • Cyclists are not permitted to ride on a single lane road alongside more than one other rider unless overtaking or if they are taking part in an approved event.   

  • Keep your bicycle in good order. Good brakes, tyres and a bell will assist with safety.  

  • Anticipate other road-users’ actions.  

Drivers should   

  • Leave 1 metre between their car and bicycle if the posted speed limit is up to 60km/h.  

  • Leave 1.5 meters between their car and bicycle if the posted speed limit is above 60km/h.  

  • Watch out for cyclists, particularly at intersections and roundabouts.  

  • Check behind you for cyclists before opening your car door.  

  • Remember that cyclists are legitimate road users – please treat all road users with respect and according to the road rules.  

  • Anticipate other road-users’ actions. 

The ACT Policing Traffic Focus for March 2023 will focus on commuters, including public transport passengers, e-scooter and bike riders, and pedestrians. 

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