Don't cry over Spilt Milk - Police happy with attendees behaviour

Thank you Canberra

ACT Policing is satisfied with the overall crowd behaviour at the ‘Spilt Milk’ festival that occurred yesterday (Saturday 25 November). 

One person was arrested by police in relation to an assault and two people were transported to the ACT Watch House for intoxicated and disorderly behaviour. 

Spilt Milk Operational Commander, Superintendent Stephen Turnbull said he was pleased with the outcome of the festival and the behaviour of the 25,000 estimated attendees. 

“With events like this, we want people to have fun and enjoy themselves in a way that doesn’t require the intervention of police. 

“Overall, three people were taken into custody by ACT Policing.  This demonstrates that the vast majority of people where there to enjoy themselves and not cause trouble,” Superintendent Turnbull said.

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