Drink driver caught three times in five hours

A man will face ACT Magistrates Court this morning (Monday 31 March) after being caught drink driving three times in five hours on Saturday morning (29 March).

About 6.05am on Saturday, police conducted a traffic stop on a black Subaru Impreza station wagon and then transported the driver to City Police Station for breath analysis where he recorded a reading 0.186. He was then served with an Immediate Suspension Notice not to drive and advised police he would catch a taxi home.

About 7am, an unmarked police car observed the same black Subaru Impreza station wagon exit a carpark near City Police Station, driving down the wrong side of the road onto London Circuit. Police stopped the vehicle on Barry Drive and observed the Immediate Suspension Notice on the passenger’s seat. The man refused to provide a breath screening test and was conveyed to City Police Station where he then recorded a reading of 0.197.

The man was advised he was under arrest for driving whilst suspended and driving a motor vehicle with alcohol in breath. He then entered a bail undertaking at the ACT Regional Watch House.

At 10.34am police on patrol on Kingsley Street, Turner, observed the same man exit a taxi, get into his car and drive off. He was stopped and breath tested again, recording a reading of 0.150.

Police then arrested the man again for driving while suspended, driving a motor vehicle with alcohol in breath and breach of bail.

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