Driver behaviour towards vulnerable road users a focus for police

Vulnerable Road Users

For the month of September, ACT Policing is turning its traffic focus to driver behaviour around vulnerable road users.  

Vulnerable road users are those who are most likely to suffer serious injury or death in a collision, including children, pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, and people travelling on E-scooters. 

Officer in Charge of Road Policing, Detective Acting Inspector Paul Hutcheson said while road safety is everyone’s responsibility, vehicle drivers should pay particular attention to vulnerable road users while out on our roads. 

“A vulnerable road user is vulnerable because they are not afforded the same protections as someone travelling in a vehicle, and as such can suffer greater risk of serious injury should a collision occur,” Detective Acting Inspector Hutcheson said.  

“As such, a greater onus needs to be placed on drivers to be aware of their surroundings, and to be on the lookout for vulnerable road users, including children in and around 40km/h school zones.  

“I would also like to remind drivers that when they pass a bicycle to ensure there is a sufficient distance between their vehicle and bicycle rider.    

“Drivers are required to leave at least 1m between the closest part of their vehicle and the closest part of the bicycle rider if the vehicle is travelling at not more than 60km/h, and at least 1.5m if the vehicle is travelling at faster than 60km/h.   

“The road is there to be shared, and it is important for all road users to obey all road rules and regulations – they are there to ensure everyone’s safety.” 


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