Drivers reminded all trips must be essential


ACT Road Policing is issuing a warning to drivers on Canberra’s roads as part of the current lockdown arrangements.

Road Policing officers are concerned that many people are driving without a legitimate reason. This is leading to more vehicles on the road than there should be.  As the ACT is now in its third week of lockdown restrictions, police are reminding citizens that there are only a few reasons to be on the road.

ACT Policing Acting Inspector of Road Policing, Stephen Booth said that while Canberrans generally are doing a great job complying with restrictions, the volume of cars on the road would indicate many are not.

“We are concerned that people are seeing the existing restrictions as flexible or they think - it’s ok, I’m just going here, or there. As the lockdown has progressed, we are seeing more and more cars on the road. This indicates to us people are not understanding what is essential, and they’re not recognising that each trip means the chance of contact with other people greatly increases.”

“We are two weeks into our lockdown, and now more than ever it is not the time to start relaxing. We need people to stay focused so we can get through this as quickly as possible together.”

Police will be continuing their ‘anytime, anywhere’ policy of checking vehicles and conducting traffic stops. They will be asking drivers and passengers to provide legitimate reasons to be outside of the home in their vehicles. People who are unable to provide a satisfactory reason, may face fines of up to $1000, for being in breach of the health directions.

Travel outside of your home, should be limited for essential reasons only.

A full list of essential reasons, are listed on the COVID-19 website.


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