Echidna not, Rural Patrol faces a prickly situation

Image of police officers with the words media release written on it

When police came across a group of Canberrans interfering with a storm water drain along busy Isabella Drive, little did they know the prickly situation that awaited them. 

The group were volunteer wildlife rescuers attempting to rescue an echidna stuck inside the stormwater drain.  

ACT Policing officers slowed down traffic and assisted the rescuers with removing the echidna from the storm water drain.  

Our Senior Constable went above and beyond to manipulate the meddling monotreme out of the drain and released it into a nearby greenbelt area, a safe distance from the roadway.  

Officer in Charge of Tuggeranong Station, Inspector Rod Anderson said he is incredibly proud of his officers for stepping up for the community and showing them that police are always here to help.  

“A lot of the time people think we are here just to fight crime, but policing is so much more than that.”  

“We are also part of this community and sometimes the prickly situations we face don’t always involve people.”  

ACT Policing is here to protect and preserve life, property and the environment (spiky or not).  


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