Launch of new online sexual assault reporting platform

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A new online portal will allow victims of historical sexual assault to have more options when making a report to police.

ACT Policing has created an online reporting form on the ACT Police website for historical sexual assaults (more than six months ago). The form will be sent directly to ACT Policing and a member will be in contact.

There are currently a number of ways victims can report sexual assault in the ACT. This includes attending a police station, contacting ACT Police Operations for patrol attendance or via referrals from external stakeholders.

ACT Policing’s Historical Sexual Assault Online Reporting Portal will complement existing reporting avenues and enable victims to make informed decisions about their disclosure.

ACT Policing understands not all victims want their matters investigated further or for court proceedings to occur. The new portal will outline what level of information is required for such proceedings to happen and give victims the choice to proceed with a criminal investigation or not.

It is important to remember that any victim can report any incident of sexual assault to police, regardless of how long ago it happened.

ACT Policing Deputy Chief Police Officer Michael Chew said those making a report can be assured that information would be handled securely and the victim would have control over what happens next.

“If you would like the matter progressed police will contact you and make that happen,” Commander Chew said.

“If you don’t want to be contacted and just want to report for reporting purposes that is your choice, so no further contact will be made.

“We know that it takes a lot of courage to recount traumatic experiences and we are hopeful that by making reporting online an option some people may come forward who until now were not comfortable discussing what they have been through via the traditional face to face or phone setting.”

The new form is accessible on the ACT Policing website here.

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