Multiple drivers detected high range speeding

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ACT Policing is disappointed in driver behaviour after multiple drivers came to police attention for high-range speeding this week.
Members from Road Policing conducted speed enforcement activity across several major arterial roads and roadwork zones.

A small sample of the poor driving behaviour from the past week included: 
•    A driver detected travelling 138km/h on Canberra Avenue (a 80km/h zone) was issued with an immediate suspension notice, their vehicle seized,and a court attendance notice was issued. 
•    Four drivers detected travelling 149km/h, 132km/h, 126km/h, and 118km/h on Majura Parkway with traffic infringement notices issued to all drivers and an immediate suspension notice issued to the driver travelling 149km/h. 
•    A driver detected travelling at 125km/h on Tuggeranong Parkway (in a 90km/h zone) was issued with a traffic infringement notice. 
•    And a further 34 drivers were issued with traffic infringements for speeding within roadwork zones. 
Additionally, multiple other drivers were detected driving while unlicenced, licence suspended, unregistered, and uninsured. 
Officer in Charge of Road Policing, Acting Inspector Mark Richardson, expressed his disappointment in these speeds and figures. 
“We continue to see this type of behaviour on ACT roads where some drivers show no regard for other road users by driving at these sorts of speeds,” Acting Inspector Richardson said. 
“Driving in excess of the posted speed limit to any degree increases the risks of being involved in a collision.  The speeds of some of these drivers significantly increase these risks and can quite obviously lead to tragic outcomes. We would urge those people to think about that before getting behind the wheel. 
“This is a reminder to those drivers who choose to ignore speed limits and drive at excessive speeds, you are putting your life, and the lives of other road users at risk. 
“Please consider the impact your poor decision making may have. Slow down, it’s not worth it.”   


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