Police locate illicit drug lab in Hume

ACT Policing is investigating a commercial grade clandestine illicit drug laboratory located in Hume today (August 12).

This afternoon ACT Policing received information regarding potentially hazardous material at a location on Sheppard Street, Hume.

ACT Policing members attended and cordoned the area, along with the ACT Fire and Rescue HAZMAT team. About 2pm, ACT Policing closed roads between the intersections of Tralee Street and the Monaro Highway and Sheppard Street and Lanyon Drive. Police along with ACT Fire and Rescue began evacuations of the area as a standard safety procedure.

Police inspection of the site identified a commercial grade clandestine illicit drug laboratory within a building on Sheppard Street, Hume. Located within the premises was a significant quantity of chemicals which can be used in the manufacture of illicit substances.

The identification of these chemicals reinforced the need for the exclusion zone. ACT Policing will now focus on making the area safe and lockdown the immediate area overnight.

Investigations are ongoing, led by the Drugs and Organised Crime team and Taskforce Nemesis, which targets serious and organised crime within the territory.
ACT Policing thanks the community for their patience during road closures between 2pm and 4pm today. Only a small section of Sheppard Street remains closed and alternate routes are available in the area.

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