Police seize Ford and Ferrari

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Two drivers had their licences suspended immediately and their vehicles seized after both drivers were caught driving well over the posted limit during the weekend.

Police were able to use recently enabled legislation changes that allow officers to immediately suspend a driver’s licence and seize a vehicle for up to 90 days when excessive speeding occurs. 

The first incident occurred about noon on Saturday (1 July 2023) when police identified a white Ford Falcon driving at 129km/h in a 80km/h zone.  

Officers, who were conducting routine speed checks, pulled over the 22-year-old man who produced a learner drivers' licence. Officers then discovered that the vehicle was not roadworthy and the Giralang man’s licence was already cancelled.  

He was issued a further Immediate Suspension Notice suspending his right to drive in the ACT for another period of 90 days.  His vehicle was seized and he was issued $3059 in fines.  

The second incident occurred about 11am on Sunday (2 July 2023) when a red Ferrari drove past a stationary police vehicle at significant speed.  

A speed check of this vehicle confirmed that this man was driving at a speed of 139km/h in the posted 80km/h zone.  

Police stopped the vehicle along the Monaro Highway, and spoke to a 43-year-old driver from Griffith.  

Police seized the Ferrari and the driver was also issued an Immediate Suspension Notice for a period of 90 days. 

Police continue to urge Canberra drivers to slow down. Excessive speeding puts not only the driver and their passengers at significant risk, but also puts other road users in danger.  


POLICE MEDIA — (02) 5126 9070, act-police-media@afp.gov.au  


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