Police urge drivers to stay ‘Snow Safe’

ACT Policing in co-operation with NSW Police will conduct high-visibility patrols on major arterial roads in and out of Canberra as part of Operation Snow Safe this winter.

As motorists travel to and from the snow fields, police in the capital region will target speeding, impaired driving, seatbelt offences and driver fatigue during the NSW snow season from Saturday, 7 June until Monday 6 October 2014.

With large numbers of motorists travelling to and from the snow fields this winter, drivers are reminded to obey speed limits, take regular breaks and be patient and alert when driving in heavy traffic conditions.

Officer in Charge of Traffic Operations Station Sergeant Rod Anderson said it was also important for motorists to be prepared for winter driving conditions.

“Winter brings with it changes in road and weather conditions, such as fog, high winds, snow or ice on the roads or on your vehicle’s windscreen. It’s crucial for motorists to ensure they drive to the conditions,” Sergeant Rod Anderson said.

“For example, in foggy conditions, turn your lights on, reduce your speed and increase your braking distance. Driving without visibility is an offence, so drivers must ensure that all windscreens, windows and mirrors are free from any frost and ice.”

“ACT Policing is offering drivers a free ice-scraper to clear windscreens of ice or frost, which you can pick up from any police station in the ACT.” 
NSW Police Force’s Inspector Greg Lynch, said all motorists needed to ensure they were focused on the journey ahead.

“Inattention, fatigue and speed are all dangerous elements for drivers, particularly in wet, icy conditions.

“All motorists need to ensure they are well rested, focused and prepared for travel in the conditions before setting out.”

Motorists are reminded that double demerit penalties will be in place for speeding and seatbelt offences, with an additional demerit point for all other offences, from Friday 6 June to Monday 9 June inclusive.

ACT Policing and NSW Police will conduct a joint roadside alcohol and drug screening operation during the Queens’s Birthday long weekend. 

“Roadside alcohol or drug screening can happen anywhere and at any time – and any vehicle could be an unmarked RBT vehicle,” Sergeant Anderson said.

“Alcohol and drug impaired drivers pose the highest risk on our roads; by removing these drivers we reduce the potential for serious injury or fatal collisions on our roads this long weekend.”

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