Reduced speed areas are an important safety measure

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ACT Policing is reminding road users there are a variety of reduced speed limit areas in the ACT. 

Reduced speed limits are in place to protect vulnerable road users. They include limits of 10 or 20km/h in shared zones. Additionally, in town centres across the ACT, permanent 40km/h limits are now in place. 

Other reduced speed limits include the designated 40km/h zones near schools, or near stationary or slow-moving emergency vehicles displaying blue or red flashing lights. 

Road users are also being reminded that temporary speed limits in road works and construction areas are enforceable if there is a sign advising the limit in a red circle. 

Officer in Charge of ACT Road Policing, Acting Inspector Ken Williams said paying attention to the speed limit is one of the simplest things a driver can do to improve their own safety and that of other road users. 

“If a lower speed limit is in place in an area, it’s there to protect a vulnerable road user,” Acting Inspector Williams said. 

“Reduced limits near schools keep our children safer. In shared areas, the lower limit makes it easier for motorists to give way to pedestrians, which the law requires.  

“I urge everyone to remember the limit in all town centres across the ACT, and some other high-foot-traffic areas, is now 40km/h.  

“And please, slow down to 40 if you’re going past any emergency vehicle with its lights flashing. Police officers, paramedics and firefighters don’t need to be exposed to any more risks while they’re doing their job.” 

As part of the ACT Road Safety Calendar, ACT Policing will be focusing on reduced speed zones for the month of March. This campaign forms part of the ACT Road Safety Strategy which prioritises a Vision Zero approach to road safety. 

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