Speeding and red lights targeted in May

Speeding 5

ACT Road Policing has wrapped up a month long focus on speeding and red light running in May.

During the month, police issued 386 fines for speeding and a further 52 cautions. 52 fines were issued for not stopping at red lights with 11 cautions issued.

Detective acting Superintendent Donna Hofmeier from ACT Road Policing said each of these incidents put the offender and other road users in danger.

“Each time a driver fails to stop for a red light or speeds, they are putting both themselves and other road users at risk of injury or death,” said Detective acting Superintendent Hofmeier.

“We conducted operations targeting speeding and red light running this month and it has been disappointing how often these offences have been detected.

“We continue to ask Canberra’s drivers to obey all traffic signals and to keep to the posted speed limit. If everyone did that, we would see far less collisions and deaths on our roads.”

The road safety focus for June is distracted driving, with drivers asked to concentrate on the job of driving and avoid all distractions while behind the wheel.


NOTE to Editors – footage of enforcement activities available: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/JBD1o2xGrW


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