Traffic control targeting; 238 drivers caught

ACT Policing caught 238 drivers disobeying traffic controls during the month of April, when it targeted the offences as part of its multi-agency road safety strategy.

During April, ACT Policing issued 140 Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs) and 98 cautions to drivers caught disobeying traffic controls, such as not stopping for red traffic lights or stop signs and using a roundabout incorrectly.

The most common offence during April was not stopping at or before a stop line at a stop sign, with 43 TINs issued for this offence, followed by not stopping at the stop line at a red traffic light, with 14 TINs issued for this offence.

Traffic Operations Support Sergeant Craig McPherson was disappointed to see so many drivers committing these offences.

“It’s a simple fact that they are over represented in fatal and serious injury collisions and around half of all collisions in the ACT occur at intersections. It makes good sense to take extra caution at an intersection rather than disobey road rules or rush through, only to find yourself in hospital later on,” Sergeant McPherson said.
Drivers who are caught failing to obey traffic controls face hefty fines. Fines for different Traffic Control offences range from a minimum of $203 and the loss of two demerit points to $340 and the loss of three demerit points for each offence.

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