Then and Now: Canine

The AFP Canine Program started in 1983 with an Explosive Detection dog and handler, and in 1985 with two General Purpose dogs and handlers.

The original photo, dated 1983, and shows the first Police dog in ACT “Kaiser” with his handler Senior Constable Garry Baker. Kaiser was an explosives detection dog, who was undergoing training, searching vehicles for explosives.

The current photo shows General Purpose dog “Ace” undergoing training at the AFP Canine building in Majura, ACT. Ace patrols ACT with his handler daily, responds to calls for assistance from the public, supports General Duties Police Officers and attends major public events.

The original photo, dated 1983, shows explosives detection dog “Kaiser” and his handler Senior Constable Garry Baker searching for a training ‘bomb’ device at the AFP training unit in the old Barton Five Buildings.

The current photo shows firearms and explosive device detection dog Odin locating his ‘target odour’ in the box. Odin has been taught to give a passive signal by sitting in front of the item and waiting for his handler to reward him for his hard work.

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